Introducing the new Priority Rewards! program from Top Priority. This new program will bring discounts and exclusive items to those who are loyal to the brand. The program is easy to use and there is no sign up necessary.


  • All Top Priority items will now come with a Priority Rewards sticker.
  • Each Priority Rewards sticker is worth 1 priority rewards point.
  • V.E.L.E. items will come with a V.E.L.E. sticker worth two points.
  • When you have gathered enough points for a Priority Reward send a photo of your rewards to with your choice of reward and our rewards specialist will verify and contact you. Its just that easy!


  • $5 off coupon 3pts
  • $15 off coupon 7pts
  • $45 off coupon 15pts
  • Top Priority Limited Edition Item 25pts

Current Limited Edition Item: Top Priority Family Money Health (FMH) Burgundy Hat (currently only available thought Priority Rewards)


The Priority Rewards® Program (“Priority Rewards” or “Program”) is sponsored by Top Priority®. Participants of the Program (“Participants”) agree to the terms and conditions (“T&C”) published and subject to periodic update at ‎. Those T&C replace all previously-published information and Participants have the responsibility to check for any updates. If the T&C are updated, any changes will apply to all Participants, including Participants participating before Top Priority posts the updated text except as may be prohibited by law. Occasionally Top Priority and/or Priority Rewards may test new offers, promotions or program benefits with certain members based on factors within Top Priority’s sole discretion except as may be prohibited by law. Top Priority may change the Program T&C, in whole or in part, at any time without notice, even though changes may affect the value of the points already accumulated. Entities or persons using the Program for profit are not eligible to participate or to accumulate points. Abuse of the Program, including failure to follow the T&C may result in cancellation of the participants Account and future disqualification from participation and forfeiture of all points accrued. In connection with the enforcement of any of the T&C governing the Program, Top Priority reserves the right to take appropriate legal action, as it deems necessary, and to recover damages, attorneys’ fees and court costs.

Program information may also be obtained by contacting Priority Rewards Customer Service (“Customer Service”) by email at



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